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going-against-gmos-reviewsMore people are reading Going Against GMOs, which has led to new highly rated reviews.

Angie Wagg from Kelly’s Thoughts on Things blog called Going Against GMOs “The Definitive Guide to Understanding,” which I consider a very high compliment!

She wrote:


Check Out My Interview: What’s the Deal with GMO Labeling?


by Melissa Diane Smith

A new GMO labeling law was signed into law this summer. At first that sounds like positive news for American consumers who want to easily identify and avoid GMOs.

But it turns out it really isn’t.

I was so pleased to have the opportunity to share the straight scoop on the new law and what it means to consumers in an interview with my long-time friend and colleague, trailblazing nutritionist Ann Louise Gittleman. (When I was first starting in the nutrition and health writing business, she inspired me and helped show me the ropes, so I couldn’t have been happier to answer her questions!)

Check out the interview I did with her, What’s the Deal with GMO Labeling? on her blog.

Copyright 2016 Melissa Diane Smith

10 Surefire Ways to Build Up Your Non-GMO Knowledge During Non-GMO Month

boost-non-gmo-knowledgeby Melissa Diane Smith

October should be called Non-GMO Action Month. Not only is it Non-GMO Awareness Month, it’s also a month that has March Against Monsanto, World Food Day, and The International Monsanto Tribunal during the weekend of October 14-16, 2016. That makes it the perfect time to boost your knowledge about laboratory-created genetically modified organisms (GMOs), the serious issues that go hand in hand with them, and how you can avoid GMOs and help others learn to avoid them, too.

Try these ten surefire ways to build up your non-GMO knowledge:


Learn How to Shop & Eat Non-GMO at Free Presentation on Oct. 1

naturalgrocers-1001-memeby Melissa Diane Smith

Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) have become the food issue of our time, yet most Americans continue to have big gaps in their understanding about these laboratory created food impostors.

If you wish there was a way that you could quickly learn the most important information you need to know about GMOs in an easy-to-understand way (and if you live in Southern Arizona), don’t miss the opportunity to hear me speak on “How to Shop and Eat Non-GMO (Even Without Mandatory Labeling!)” at the new Natural Grocers store at 5600 E. River Road in Tucson at 11 a.m. this Saturday, October 1, 2016.


‘Going Against the Grain for Health’ Presentation Sept. 20th at New
Natural Grocers in Tucson

NaturalGrocers-0920-memeby Melissa Diane Smith

I am delighted to be a featured speaker during the Grand Opening of the new Natural Grocers natural food supermarket at 5600 E. River Road in Tucson this month.

On Tuesday, September 20, 2016, at 6 p.m., I will present “Going Against the Grain for Health: How to Make Food Your Best Medicine.” In this presentation, I’ll cover the health troubles caused by refined grains, whole grains, gluten grains, and genetically modified ingredients hidden in grain-based foods, and explain how to use this information to lose unwanted weight, reverse disease processes, and revitalize health. I’ll also give my answers to common questions I receive, such as “was wheat always not good for us, or has it become worse for our health in recent years?” and answer any other questions that you have.


Could Gluten Be a Problem
for Your Kids?

Reactions to gluten, a protein found in wheat, rye, and barley, can trigger a range of symptoms and illnesses in children who have celiac disease (an autoimmune condition in the gut) or nonceliac gluten sensitivity (a reaction to gluten that isn’t an autoimmune condition). The following symptoms might indicate that your child is adversely reacting to gluten. (Take note: Except for “growing pains” and slow growth, the same symptoms can be warning signs in adults, too.)  


Healthy Gluten-Free Kids’ Lunches

If your kids need to avoid gluten, don’t despair!  Here are 15 nutritionist-approved gluten-free lunch box ideas they’ll love (and adults will too!)

Gluten Free Recipes for Kids - Lunch Ideas

Ask The Nutritionist

by Melissa Diane Smith

Q: I have a 10-year-old daughter who was diagnosed with celiac disease earlier this year, and a 6-year-old son who has experienced dramatic improvements in behavior problems (diagnosed as ADHD) since I put him on a gluten-free diet a year ago. I know how to put gluten-free meat on some gluten-free bread, but I’d like to transition my kids off of these processed products. Can you offer any suggestions? —Ann L., Las Vegas

A: Making healthy, gluten-free school lunches that your kids will like is completely possible. You just need to get creative by filling the lunch boxes with at least a few different, colorful, easy-to-eat foods. Include some protein, vegetables, healthy fats, and fruit. Prepare the boxes to look as tempting as possible, cut vegetables in interesting shapes, and pack them with gluten-free dips. (Studies have found that children are more likely to eat their vegetables with a dip.)



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