First Going Against GMOs Book Signing in Tucson this Sunday

GoingAgainstGMOs_medSunday, October 19th, 9 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.
Rillito Park Farmers’ Market in Tucson

Going Against GMOs Book Signing

At this first book signing event in Tucson, copies of the new book, Going Against GMOs, will be available at a discounted price at the High Energy Agriculture booth, and nationally known nutrition author Melissa Diane Smith, who has spoken about GMOs in the Tucson area for the past three years, will be autographing copies. The book includes the top 10 reasons to go against GMOs, non-GMO shopping and eating out tips, and more than 45 non-GMO (and gluten-free) recipes. Be one of the first in Tucson to get a copy of this definitive consumer’s guide on the topic, and meet and talk with the author!

To learn more about the book, read this interview and visit the Going Against GMOs book page. To learn more about the event, see this listing.

Deepak Chopra Issues an Urgent “Call to Action” for a GMO-Free World

Influential speaker Deepak Chopra, a 21-time New York Times bestselling author, posted a YouTube video that he called an urgent “call to action” to save the planet from recent developments that threaten the ecosystem of the Earth and our lives. A good part of his video emphasized our need to oppose genetically modified foods and the multinational corporations that create them.

“We cannot allow ourselves to be hijacked just by people who make a lot of money,” Chopra says, referring to companies that exploit, alter and destroy the Earth for profit.


Where You Can Buy Going Against GMOs book in Tucson

GoingAgainstGMOs_medIf you live in Tucson, you can buy Going Against GMOs: The Fast-Growing Movement to Avoid Unnatural Genetically Modified “Foods” to Take Back Our Food and Health at:

New Life Health Center, 4841 E. Speedway Blvd.

(520) 795-7862


New Life Health Center, 5612 E. Broadway Blvd.

(520) 747-0209


The High Energy Agriculture booth at the Rillito and Mercado Farmers’ Markets.

You also can special-order it at Antigone Books, 411 N. 4th Avenue, (520) 792-3715, or at either Barnes & Noble store.


Q&A Interview with Going Against GMOs Author Melissa Diane Smith

genfood-signMany people wonder why I decided to write Going Against GMOs and what’s covered in the book. Check out this big feature interview in the October issue of Better Nutrition magazine to learn all that and more. Or pick up a complimentary copy of the magazine in natural food stores around the country this month.

What the real magazine has that the online version doesn’t have is the Editor’s Note entitled “Giving up GMOs—For Good.” Editor Nicole Brechka’s column starts out:

I have never liked the idea of eating something that has been genetically modified, but it wasn’t until reading Melissa Diane Smith’s new book Going Against GMOs, that I really started to understand just how harmful these so-called “Frankenfoods” really are. Up until that point, I didn’t understand what genetically modified organisms (GMOs) were—or why I should avoid them.

That was gratifying to hear—and exactly why I wrote the book, to make this food topic of our time easy for the public to understand!

Copyright © 2014 Melissa Diane Smith

Announcing My New Book
Going Against GMOs

GAGMOs_Front_SpEdition_lowRes I know many followers of my work have been anxiously awaiting the publication of my new book, Going Against GMOs, and I’m happy to say you don’t have to wait any more: You can purchase it right now.

If you’re a fan of my other books, you’re going to like this one. If you don’t know much about GMOs, don’t worry: My book is written in easy-to-understand terms to fill you in on 20 years of information that has been hidden from all of us. You can order the book, or see the front and back cover, the Table of Contents, and read my Introduction at my Going Against GMOs book page,

Let me fill you in on a little insider information: My book has been done for quite some time, but I kept running into obstacles: it seemed like forces were holding it back from getting out there and the book kept being suppressed from the normal, timely distribution I had been promised. I felt so strongly about getting this information out to the public as quickly as I could that I persisted and I’m excited to say you can now order this Special Edition of the book right now.


I & My New Book now on Facebook

FB-f-Logo__blue_100I, Melissa Diane Smith as an author, and my new book, Going Against GMOs, both are now on Facebook! Compared to many people, I am starting my Facebook pages rather late in the game. That’s because I was literally putting everything into counseling my clients and researching, writing, and producing the best new book possible.

I can guarantee that my pages won’t post as much as some Facebook pages, but I will include engaging information related to my work and the fast-growing non-GMO movement—and some information, usually timely news that’s happening quickly, that you won’t receive on my blog or newsletter.

If you like my work and are not a member of Facebook, you can still bookmark my pages and read the information. However, if you’re a Facebook member, make sure to “Like” my two pages so you can learn up-to-date info and more easily spread the word about my new book, interviews I’m doing, articles I’ve written, nutrition counseling and coaching specials, and more.


Dr. Oz Asks the American People to Oppose New 2,4-D GM Crops

Did you see the groundbreaking Dr. Oz show on GMOs and pesticides that aired on September 22, 2014? He came out the strongest against genetically modified organisms (GMOs) that he ever has, and particularly against GM foods engineered to withstand the 2,4-D and glyphosate combination developed by Dow Chemical Company.

He had guests explaining the dangerous “pesticide treadmill” we’re on—something I explain in my new book Going Against GMOs—and he said: “I’m very concerned that I’m at the beginning of a catastrophe—one we don’t have to subject ourselves to.” He also said: “America, we are running out of time…. Let’s let Washington know we mean business when it comes to GMO foods.”

Then he ended up doing something he has never done before, asking the American people to sign a Take Action petition to demand the President step in and oppose the EPA’s approval of the new 2,4-D and glyphosate herbicide combination that new crops are engineered to withstand.


GMO: Opting Out

By Melissa Diane Smith

As concern about GMOs grows nationally, three Tucson businesses have decided to stop serving some genetically modified ingredients.

(See the first printing of this article by me with photos that appeared in the September/October 2014 issue of Edible Baja Arizona magazine.)

In 2012, shortly before The Loft Cinema was scheduled to screen Genetic Roulette, a documentary about the health risks of eating foods that contain laboratory-created genetically modified organisms (GMOs), it began selling organic popcorn popped in non-genetically modified canola oil.

“We wanted to offer the healthiest possible popcorn that we could,” said Zach Breneman, the deputy director of The Loft. “I think it tastes better, too.”


My New Book Will Be Coming Soon!

All has been quiet from me for quite a while. I have been researching, interviewing sources, writing and producing my forthcoming book, Going Against GMOs. Even though I have several traditionally published books to my name, my new book is one that conventional publishers wouldn’t publish. The book covers vital information that has been kept hidden from the American and Canadian public for decades and is critical for protecting both the future of our food and our health. I felt so strongly about getting this underground information out to the public that I am publishing the book myself.

Going Against GMOs is scheduled to be completed and available for purchase before October. I will let you know exactly when, so stay tuned or sign up for my newsletter to receive an announcement.

In the meantime, visit my Going Against GMOs book page,, to learn more, and start spreading the word to others! Trust me when I say there is no other book like it on the market. Waiting for it will be worth the wait, but you won’t have to wait long. The book will be here soon!

Copyright 2014 Melissa Diane Smith

Copyright © 2014 Melissa Diane Smith
Copyright © 2014 Melissa Diane Smith
Copyright © 2014 Melissa Diane Smith
Copyright © 2014 Melissa Diane Smith
Copyright © 2014 Melissa Diane Smith

ABC Cancels a TV Show Two Days After an Episode about GMOs Airs

by Melissa Diane Smith

 (Opinion) – On Tuesday, March 25th, I turned the TV channel and happened to land on a show where the first few lines I heard were about someone who had tried to blow the whistle on his employer for creating a dangerous genetically modified food. This obviously caught my attention! I thought to myself, is the GMO topic really being covered on a TV series on one of the main networks? It seemed so hard to believe, I felt like I was dreaming!

I watched this unorthodox show called Mind Games, in which brothers and partners in a unique agency are committed to solving clients’ problems using psychological tactics. The particular episode I stumbled upon, called “Cauliflower Man,” involved the firm’s team being hired by Jim McKenna, a researcher who tried to blow the whistle on his employer, a company called “PureGrow,” for creating a dangerous genetically modified cauliflower. In the process, McKenna was fired and his life was ruined. People thought he was crazy. Even McKenna’s wife didn’t believe him. The key brother owner of the firm believed him, though, and the team enacted a plan to convince McKenna’s former colleague to leak documentation to validate McKenna’s claims and expose PureGrow. I thought many parts of the show were quite well done.



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