Gluten and Wheat Sensitivity Increasingly Recognized as Common Health Problems

In the course of researching various topics in New Zealand in preparation for my upcoming presentations to the integrative medicine association there, I saw that Dr. Rodney Ford of Christchurch, New Zealand – known as Dr. Gluten – has some interesting news about gluten sensitivity on his website Fasano says yes to gluten sensitivity.

Gluten sensitivity has long been ignored by many doctors and researchers, so this is very big news! The full abstract about gluten sensitivity about which Dr. Alessio Fasano spoke is posted here at the Gluten Free and Beyond Forum. The word is that more revealing research will be published on gluten sensitivity within the next year, so stay tuned. I also had the pleasure of talking with Dr. Ford on the phone a few weeks ago; we’re very like-minded in wanting to spread the word about gluten sensitivity to as many people as possible.

If are new to this site and are not familiar with gluten sensitivity, you can read more about it in these article of mine:

Is Gluten Sensitivity Derailing Your Health?

Passing Up the Bread Basket: Why Many Nutrition-Oriented Practitioners are Turning Away from Wheat and Gluten

or in my book, Going Against the Grain.

As one more bit of evidence that grains are behind many common health problems, here are two articles from England:

Half of Britons suffer from food intolerance (and the most common intolerances are to wheat, gluten and milk)

Pasta and milk are root cause of ill health for millions

I am leaving now for my trip to New Zealand (more info on that here), so this blog will be mostly quiet for a week or two. But I will get start posting again once get back.

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