Going Against the Grain in New Zealand

I’m back from my trip to New Zealand and it’s good to be back online. First, the country is beautiful and the people are wonderful. Unfortunately, I experienced some not-so-nice weather and my trip was way too short, but I still packed a lot into those days that I was there.

Women\'s World New Zealand I gave the keynote address, “Going Against the Grain: The Overlooked and Most Effective Strategy to Prevent and Reverse Obesity and Diabetes,” to the Australasian Integrative Medicine Association (AIMA) conference in Auckland last Saturday and then a workshop, “Going Against the Grain for Practitioners and Patients,” the next day. The doctors in attendance were very welcoming and receptive to the information and I was impressed with how many of them already were eating against the grain themselves in one way or another. New Zealand is in good hands with the doctors in AIMA NZ.

Last Sunday, an article about me and my work came out in New Zealand Woman’s Weekly, the publication with the largest circulation in the country (approximately 1 million people in a country of 4 million people). Read or download the article:

The Stone-Age Diet: That slice of wholegrain bread may be giving you health problems

On Monday, a production company interviewed and filmed me for a TV segment on bread that will air sometime later this year. Then I appeared on the Close Up talk show on NZ TV One, the most viewed TV station in the country.

On Close Up, I actually was involved in a debate that was a bit of a surprise to me – it was called “the Grain Debate” — with professor Jim Mann. I will put a link to that video and make a few comments about the Close Up appearance in my next post.

That interview in New Zealand apparently caused quite a stir: I have received many letters and subscribers to my newsletter from New Zealand since last Monday. So, welcome all you Kiwis (and anyone else from other countries, too)! Thank you for your letters, glad to have you at this site, and hope you’ll rock the boat of what your government is telling you and join the Going Against the Grain revolution (if you haven’t already) so you can experience much better health.

© Copyright 2008 Melissa Diane Smith

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