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Yesterday I wrote about scientific research that backs up the effectiveness of the components of my nutrition coaching programs. Today I include testimonials from a few clients who recently completed nutrition coaching programs with me. These clients agree with the science showing that nutrition coaching over the phone is effective for changing longstanding unhealthy eating habits to health-promoting ones!

“I would encourage anyone even considering purchasing a Nutrition Coaching Program to definitely DO IT!!!

“I have worked with Melissa for almost 3 months now and it has totally changed the way I think about food and grains. My health is much better and even the advice she gave me on different supplements has made me feel so much better! Thank you Melissa!”

–Cindy L., from Illinois

“I have been a client of Melissa’s for about 6 years, and have consulted her several times for a variety of issues including Insulin Resistance, Gluten Sensitivity, and Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS). When I learned that Melissa now has Coaching Programs available, I jumped on the chance and signed up.

“As we have worked together through the “Rebuilding a New You” Coaching Program, I have learned so much about my health and the foods in my diet that have been harming me – foods such as corn, High Fructose Corn Syrup, and sweetened beverages, to name a few. I really appreciate the format with the follow-up emails and phone meetings.

“Going through the program has been like peeling an onion. As I make changes and more symptoms related to food are uncovered, Melissa and I have been able to address those things as they come up. Also, it has been vital to have Melissa as an encourager and supporter, and has been very helpful for me to have a sense of accountability and also positive reinforcement as I make changes in my diet.

“I highly recommend Melissa’s coaching programs for both new and existing clients! The work she puts into personal nutrition coaching is astounding!”

— Heather T., from Missouri

To learn more about my Nutrition Coaching Programs (which include a FREE one-year Going Against The Grain Group membership), visit this link.

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