Changes to the Going Against the Grain Group, Nutrition News & Notes

What they say about people burning out from writing a blog is true! It’s even more true when someone writes two blogs, writes a monthly magazine column, speaks, and nutritionally counsels and coaches clients. Because of that, I wanted to let you know about a few changes I have made to two of my services.

The Going Against the Grain Group is still as I intended: packed with information to help motivate you and give you plenty of ideas of how to keep eating against the grain for life. However, now it is more like a searchable database of articles, with just occasional new posts instead of several new ones per week. A one-year membership in the Group is a free gift for all coaching clients. But people who aren’t coaching clients can also become members for a much lower price than the previous format allowed. The price is now comparable to that of buying a new book. Once you become a member, you can search through a wide range of articles, read occasional new posts, ask questions and, as an added bonus, get 10% off counseling services for the whole year of your membership. It is well documented that people who have access to informative articles and recipes and have semi-regular contact with a nutritionist are much more successful keeping to their diet, making their new diet a diet for life, and experiencing better health over the long term. Providing this type of additional information and support for clients is what the Going Against the Grain Group is all about. For more information or to become a member, read my About the Group page.

Unlike my Going Against the Grain Group, which is a members-only nutrition service, Against the Grain Nutrition News & Notes is a free, open-to-the-public blog that includes summaries of noteworthy nutrition studies, news about my work, against-the-grain stories in the headlines and occasional opinion pieces on a topic in the news. (All of these stories are included in the Group, too.) People can also sign up for my free Nutrition News & Notes e-newsletter – a summary of the latest posts on the blog. The amount of people who thirst for against-the-grain-type information and continue to sign up for the newsletter each month both astounds me and is gratifying to me. I feel strongly about continuing to inform the public about the unadvertised health problems associated with grains and gluten, which is why I continue to provide this free public service. However, based on my current schedule, I need to scale back how often I post articles and how often I send out the newsletter. When there is something really important to know about nutrition or against-the-grain eating or research, I will write about it. But I will not be writing several times a week as I tried to do when I first began Nutrition News and Notes.

I used to send the Nutrition News & Notes newsletter out once every month, but that too will change. The frequency of the newsletter will be more irregular now, probably more like every other month, although that may change based on news events that need to be covered.

As many blogs do, I will now accept donations through PayPal. Nutrition News & Notes will still be available free of charge to anyone who wants to read it on the web. But if you like what you read and would like to help defray some of the costs I incur from the free blog and newsletter that I provide, there is now an opportunity for you to help and show your appreciation with a financial gift of whatever amount you would like to give, no matter how big or small. (Of course, if you want to give a gift of $25.00, it’s a much better deal to join the Going Against the Grain Group for a year and benefit from the database of practical articles, including recipes and meal ideas.)

The bottom line: I will still provide the same services I did before, but in modified, less-frequent versions that are more workable for me and my current schedule.

© Copyright 2009 Melissa Diane Smith

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