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A reminder: My Coaching Program Special continues through October 31, 2009. When you purchase any nutrition coaching program on or before that date, you will get an extra 45-minute coaching session over the phone (a $100 value) absolutely free. That is in addition to a free online Going Against the Grain Group membership (a $24.99 value) and a free Healthier Holidays Going Against the Grain E-book (a $15.95 value). The E-book is perfect for getting you prepared for the upcoming holiday season.

Still wondering about nutrition coaching? Here is a testimonial from one of my new coaching clients who has recently taken advantage of the Coaching Program Special:

A friend of mine recommended Melissa Diane Smith to me after hearing about my ongoing health problems. After reading about Melissa’s credentials, approach, and philosophy of using “food as medicine,” I signed up for two nutritional sessions. Melissa went through not only my medical and nutritional history but also several years of my medical records. To my surprise, she discovered issues that were contributing to my existing problems that my long-standing doctors had missed. I was so impressed with her high caliber of service that I signed up for her coaching program. I am so glad I did. I feel like what I am learning from Melissa is addressing the root of my health problems, allowing me to rebuild my health nutritionally, and I know it is saving me money (and will save me more in the future and give me far better returns) than how I had been spending money with the doctors I had been seeing. With Melissa, I feel that I have a partner in taking charge of my overall wellbeing.

To anyone looking to achieve his or her optimal health, I highly recommend taking advantage of Melissa’s current nutrition coaching program special. It is a true bargain, and you won’t be sorry!

—Shannon H. from Redondo Beach, CA

Want to learn more about the offer? Click here. To look at the different types of coaching programs I offer, check out my Coaching Programs page.


A few other-work related notes: There is a Food Slide Show that you can watch on this site to give you ideas about foods and food combinations you can eat on a completely grain-free, sugar-free, dairy-free diet. (If you eat gluten-free but not grain-free, there are more foods you can add to the basic food ideas you see on the slide show.) The slide show has been on this site from the beginning, but many of my clients and biggest fans of this site forget about the slide show or just plain miss it. When I remind them about it, they tell me that watching it motivates them and inspires them to do more creative low-grain or no-grain cooking. So, remember to watch the slide show if you are just getting started eating against the grain or if you’ve been eating this way for a while but are running out of ideas or are in a food rut. To read a complete list of the foods in the slide show, click here.


I want to thank those of you who have recently joined my online Going Against the Grain Group. A few months ago I wrote a post explaining that I have had many new clients who have required my research and attention in recent months, so I would not be writing in the Group or on this blog as often as I used to. I made the Going Against the Grain Group into a searchable database of articles (with new articles added only occasionally) and reduced the membership price to make it more affordable for more people. I have been delighted with the response and have gotten many new members not only from the United States, but also from Australia, Belgium, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom. Thank you to all the new members. I am glad the information is at a more affordable price for you and I appreciate your support of my work.


A few notes about Nutrition News & Notes: To answer some of your questions, Posts are being written and the e-newsletter is being sent out more irregularly now because of other pressing work for me. So, if you happened to sign up for the newsletter and wonder why you didn’t receive a newsletter right away, that is the reason.


Lastly, in April, Jeffrey M. Smith, author of Seeds of Deception and Genetic Roulette, was kind enough to write a guest post for this blog entitled “Genetically Engineered Corn May Cause Allergies, Infertility, and Disease.” Since then, some of you have asked if I will accept other guest posts for Nutrition News & Notes. The answer is absolutely yes!

I welcome networking with other professionals who are working to get helpful nutrition information out to the public. I will gladly accept and run articles written by guest writers as long as the proposed articles cover some aspect of gluten-free or grain-free eating, problems with grains, or other nutrition information that is valuable for the public to know but which is not often reported in conventional media. The article may be edited by me if necessary for clarity and the author will receive a byline and a short bio at the end of the article, which could include a website address. (But the bio should not be too commercial or sales-oriented in nature.) I also welcome articles from people who don’t work in the health and nutrition business but who eat against the grain in one way or another and would like to share something they learned or overcame by changing their diet. So, if you have a newsworthy subject you’d like to spread the word about to my entire list of newsletter subscribers and to the many others who stop by this site from time to time, please email me with the proposed article idea or completed article. By working together, we can get the word out to many more people.

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