Networking and Spreading the Wordabout Gluten Sensitivity Together

What fun it was to meet and chat with another practitioner who is as enthusiastic about spreading the word about gluten sensitivity as I am! That’s exactly what happened when Dr. Rodney Ford, a pediatrician, gastroenterologist and allergist from New Zealand, came to Tucson with his lovely wife Chris. We had animated discussions about current and future research on gluten sensitivity, and we enjoyed several gluten-free meals, including particularly good ones at El Charro Café (loved that Shrimp Topopo Salad!) and Feast, two Tucson restaurants with gluten-free menus.

Dr. Ford had a flip videocam with him and, after a long day of sightseeing, he decided to film a quick public service announcement with me about gluten sensitivity. Check out our youTube video and be sure to send the link to others who may not be aware of gluten sensitivity and how common it is.

As Dr. Ford likes to say, “Let’s get the Gluten Revolution started.” (Well, the revolution actually has started but it needs to keep being built and expanded to reach more and more people.)

Copyright © 2009 Melissa Diane Smith

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