How to Enjoy the Holidays with Health, Energy and No Weight Gain

by Melissa Diane Smith

Do you eat gluten free, but gain weight or end up feeling not well during the holiday season? If so, consider this: There’s a little-known secret to enjoying the holidays with health, energy and no weight gain: Eating against the grain. Preparing low-grain foods and even no-grain foods may be unknown to most people (even many people who eat gluten-free). But it is an overlooked strategy for making delicious holiday meals quicker, easier and with far less fuss.

In my Healthier Holidays Going Against the Grain E-book, I offer food tips and recipes that your guests will never know are grain-free and refined-sugar-free. Just think: Savory Stuffing, Pumpkin Muffins, Spinach-Endive Salad with Chopped Apples and Hazelnuts with Homemade Strawberry Dressing, Plum-Good Chocolate Dried Fruit Balls, and more – all made so you can enjoy the gift of health this holiday season.

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Tired of slaving away in the kitchen during the holidays, then getting sick or rundown? Do you overindulge, feel uncomfortably bloated every year, and pay a price with extra weight that’s difficult to lose once the celebrating is over?

There’s a little-known secret to enjoying the holidays with health, energy and no weight gain: Eating against the grain. (If you don’t know about the benefits, here’s a quick summary: Following a low- to no-grain diet can help people lose weight, reverse diabetes, improve heart disease risk factors, clear up various digestive disorders, improve bone health, overcome allergies, treat autoimmune conditions and recover from hundreds of other grain-related health conditions!)

If you have experienced the benefits and already eat against the grain for health, you probably know that the holiday season can present extra challenges. Grains and sugars abound in typical holiday foods. We’ve been socialized to think stuffings should be made with bread and pies should have a crust. We often go to great lengths to create against-the-grain versions of these foods and then find we don’t feel well eating the substitutes we’ve made.

An additional challenge: Many against-the-grain-type cookbooks offer complicated, time-consuming recipes that busy people can’t or won’t make, especially during the holidays. People may use baking mixes or other food products to shortcut food preparation, but many quick-fix food products quickly promote other health problems. (It’s not fun to feel bloated or sick to your stomach and wonder why after you’ve eaten a holiday food you’ve made from a mix.)

Fortunately, there are solutions to these common challenges – tricks of the trade that I have fine-tuned through more than a dozen years of experience. I have eaten against the grain myself for more than fifteen years, counseled clients on this style of eating for about ten years and worked with Going Against the Grain Group members in Tucson for six years. In that time, I have learned how to get the most out of the holidays simply and deliciously. I have rounded up the tips and recipes that have helped me and my clients the most and put them into the easiest-to-grasp format possible, so that you can put these time-saving principles into action quickly.

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I wrote the book because I saw a real need for it. I simply didn’t see anything else like it on the market. If you’re ready to enjoy a healthier, simpler, and easier holiday season than ever before, get your copy now so you can begin putting the 135 tips into action.

I wish you very Happy Holidays!

Copyright © 2009 Melissa Diane Smith

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