Wellness Plan Modified to beShorter and More Affordable

My Wellness Plan has changed. Based on feedback I received from my clients, I have modified my Wellness Plan so it is now a packet of three Follow-Up Nutrition Consultations that must be used within 18 months instead of a packet of five Follow-Ups used within 30 months, as it used to be. The change makes it less money to pay upfront for clients who want regular nutrition tune-ups during these still-difficult financial times. But by purchasing the plan and investing in their health, clients on the Wellness Plan get 20 percent off the regular price of three Follow-Up nutrition counseling sessions. Because the new Wellness Plan lasts a shorter time period, it also makes it easier for me to keep track of bookkeeping-wise. If you have had at least one previous consultation with me and are interested in the Wellness Plan, you can learn more about it at my Nutrition Services for Existing Clients page.

If you have not yet had a nutrition consultation with me but would like to learn more about initial counseling services, check out my Nutrition Services for New Clients page.


I also want to clarify the difference between Nutrition News & Notes and The Going Against the Grain Group. Nutrition News & Notes is the free, open-to-the-public blog that you are reading right now. It includes summaries of noteworthy nutrition studies, news about my work, against-the-grain stories in the headlines, and occasional opinion pieces to offer perspective. There is also an accompanying Against the Grain Nutrition News & Notes e-newsletter – a summary of the latest posts on the blog – that people can sign up to receive by email. The newsletter is sent out roughly every other month.

The Going Against the Grain Group is a members-only service that offers a searchable database of articles, including all the stories in Nutrition News & Notes in addition to only-for-the-Group stories with practical tips for eating against the grain in different circumstances, news about healthy new food products, and recipes. It is well documented that people who have access to informative articles and recipes and have semi-regular contact with a nutritionist are much more successful keeping to their diet, making their new diet a diet for life, and experiencing better health over the long term. Providing this type of additional information and support for clients is what the Going Against the Grain Group is all about.

A one-year membership in the Group is a free gift for all coaching clients. But people who aren’t coaching clients can also become members for a price that is comparable to that of buying a new book. Once a person joins, a member can search through a wide range of articles, read occasional new posts, ask questions and, as an added bonus, get 10% off select counseling services for the whole year of his or her membership.

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