‘Gluten Free Throughout the Year’ Gets High Marks in Two New Book Reviews

My new book Gluten Free Throughout the Year received high marks in two new book reviews by correspondents who regularly write about gluten-free living and gluten-free books. One appeared on About.com, a part of The New York Times Company, and the other appeared on Examiner.com.

Here are excerpts from the About.com review by Teri Gruss:

In Gluten Free Throughout the Year – A Two Year, Month-to-Month Guide for Healthy Eating by Melissa Diane Smith, readers will find practical and easy-to-follow guidelines, tips and recipes for planning a gluten-free diet designed for good health.

With so many gluten-free junk food products available today, Melissa’s tips for planning and eating naturally gluten-free nutritious foods, are more relevant than ever….

Melissa’s new book is a valuable resource that can help gluten-free eaters avoid the nutritional pitfalls of living gluten-free….

As Melissa simply illustrates, if we learn to base our gluten-free diets on whole, unprocessed natural gluten-free foods instead of starchy, refined gluten-free junk foods, we have so much to gain. Better health!

Melissa Diane Smith gives people on gluten-free diets lots of food for thought in her new book, Gluten Free Throughout the Year – A Month-by-Month Guide for Healthy Eating. If you want to be healthier, make naturally gluten-free unprocessed whole foods the foundation of your gluten-free diet. Melissa will show you how.

Read the full About.com review here.

In the Examiner.com book review, reporter Liz Schau wrote:

If you’re interested in going gluten-free, but aren’t sure you’ll be able to maintain the diet year round, or are already gluten-free, but have become stagnant in your diet and meal choices, consider Nutritionist and Author Melissa Diane Smith’s newly released book, Gluten Free Throughout The Year: A Two-Year, Month-to-Month Guide for Healthy Eating. Not only does Smith offer practical meal solutions, recipes, and eating outlines, but she also provides healthful gluten alternatives to improve your wellness and waistline, monthly for two years.

Schau went on to say:

As a nutritionist, Smith also walks the reader through breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack suggestions for parents, students, and children, each month of the year, complete with easy-to-follow recipes to keep us satiated and healthy.

She concluded with:

The tips and ideas in Gluten Free Throughout The Year coincide perfectly with the seasons, weather, holidays and special events we celebrate each year, so no need to worry about failing on your gluten-free diet, even during the busiest and most stressful times of the year.

Read the full review on Examiner.com.

To read an excerpt from Gluten Free Throughout the Year, click on this link and scroll about halfway down the page to download the Introduction to the book.

You may also want to read Liz Schau’s earlier review of Going Against the Grain.

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