‘No More Gluten-Free Junk Food!’

by Melissa Diane Smith

I absolutely loved this sign that I saw while walking the show floor at the natural foods convention, Natural Products Expo West! As you probably know, I’ve been writing for quite some time about how gluten-free junk food is making people who eat gluten free fat and unhealthy. In fact, getting that message out to more people is a big reason that I started this blog (see my original story “The Gluten-Free Diet – A Recipe for Unhealthy Weight Gain?”). It’s also one of the main reasons for my new book, Gluten Free Throughout the Year: A Two-Year, Month-to-Month Guide for Healthy Eating.

Because “no more gluten-free junk food!” is such a central message of mine, it seemed fitting for me to have my picture taken with the sign. I was delighted when Hail Merry, the company that made the sign and had it displayed at the convention, allowed me to get my picture in front of it. Hail Merry makes gluten-free (and grain-free), raw snacks, desserts and granolas made with real-food ingredients such as organic cold-pressed coconut oil, nuts, and seeds. When people want a sweet treat on occasion, it’s much better to go for raw gluten-free, grain-free desserts than the types of desserts that most people who eat gluten free currently eat. The essential oils and living enzymes in raw-food desserts are intact, and a much smaller amount of a natural sweetener needs to be used to make a sweet treat.

So, remember: “No more gluten-free junk food!” If and when you have dessert, go for treats made out of unrefined, preferably raw, gluten-free and grain-free foods. And of course, make the majority of the carbohydrates that you eat vegetables, especially non-starchy vegetables. That is the number one message of going against the grain.

Copyright © 2011 Melissa Diane Smith

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