A Client’s Dramatic Health Improvement with a Personalized Nutrition Program

Not sure what changing your diet can do for you? My client Marcia who wrote the following testimonial wasn’t sure at the beginning either but she has been completely won over by what my individualized nutrition coaching program is doing for her. So are her doctors, including one who wrote me, congratulated me on the wonderful results she has had, and said “Way to go!”

I am so grateful that I am able to help people like Marcia in this way! Keep in mind that this is a person who was eating gluten free to begin with, but still needed some fine-tuning to her diet. Here’s Marcia’s story:

I originally contacted Melissa about how and what to eat because of multiple food sensitivities I was recently diagnosed with (I have been gluten-free for almost 9 years). Working with Melissa has taught me to eat properly for me. She set me up with a personalized diet for my sensitivities, symptoms and conditions. I definitely eat against the grain! In addition to grains, I avoid dairy, eggs, beans, processed foods and all GMOs (genetically modified organisms). Eliminating the GMOs has made the most impact for me.

I have been working with Melissa for 8 months now and the results are amazing. In addition to losing over 60 lbs. and improving my cardiac health, I have seen improvements and changes that I never expected.

  • My seasonal allergies are mostly gone. I have stopped most of my allergy medication except for one that I only use when I have a flare up.
  • My asthma has improved so much that my lung functions were 98% the last time they were tested. That is the highest they have ever been. And I haven’t used my inhaler for 6 months!
  • I was diagnosed with eosinophilia myalgia syndrome (which is incurable) in the early 1990s. My white blood cell count and my eosinophils are now in the normal ranges for the first time in almost 20 years.
  • My joints feel better and move better; the inflammation is gone.
  • My doctor has run quite a few blood tests recently to check my overall health and he was amazed. My vitamin levels are all great; glucose levels are perfect; antibody levels are normal; for the first time in 20 years ALL of my blood tests results are in the normal range — 3 pages worth of results.
  • I have eliminated 5 prescriptions completely and been able to reduce the dosage to half of 3 other prescriptions.

Changing my eating has not only helped me lose weight, but improve my health, feel great and have plenty of energy. I’ve been able to accomplish more in the past 8 months than I have with years of seeing many different doctors and trying a multitude of prescriptions, therapies, etc. I could not have achieved these results without Melissa’s coaching.

– Marcia Popp from Highlands Ranch, CO


To learn more about genetically modified organisms, click here. For info on my personalized nutrition coaching programs, visit this page.

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