Assorted Newsbriefs: More People Powerfully Saying No to GMOs

by Melissa Diane Smith

Did you know that shortly after the devastating earthquake in Haiti in January 2010, Monsanto gave a “gift” of 475 tons of genetically modified (GM) corn and vegetable seeds, and poor farmers in Haiti banded together, protested against that gift, and burned the seeds? Why would poor Haitian farmers facing hunger burn seeds that would produce food in such a hard-hit area? Because they learned enough to know that they don’t want genetically modified foods. And why do Americans know so little that most repeatedly eat these foods and most don’t even know what GMOs means?

Those are some of the topics covered in a new GMO Film Project now in production by award-winning documentary maker Jeremy Seifert. Watch a clip of it below.

GMO Film Project Sizzler from Compeller Pictures on Vimeo.

When it seemed at the beginning of August like the filming of the movie might not be able to go further without any more funds, word spread on the Internet and people who already are very well aware of the dangers of GMOs answered the call and exceeded the funding goal so filming could continue. Hopefully, the end project will be a powerful tool to increase awareness in the masses.

Meanwhile, some people, such as 11-year-old Birke Baehr, already have woken up to the dangers of GMOs and industrially produced food, and are speaking out about it. You can watch his talk in the video below. Be prepared to be inspired about how wise and idealistic this young man is.

Others are fighting GMOs in other ways. In Hungary, where GMOs are banned, the Hungarian government destroyed fields that were found to have GM corn. (Read the article.) In Serbia, the director of the ecological movement of Novi Sad issued a stern warning to Serbia’s president to stop importing GM food (and stop chemtrail spraying), or he will personally lead the people of Serbia to the streets. (Watch the video and read the transcript.)

In the United States, more and more people are seeking out non-GMO foods. Sales of Non-GMO Project Verified products have skyrocketed to a 24% annual growth rate, faster than gluten-free, fair trade, and every other claim in the natural channel.

These are several examples of an increasing number of people powerfully saying no to GMOs. If all these people (including 11-year-old Birke Baehr) can say they’re summarily rejecting GMOs and opting for a different choice in the food they eat, we can, too.

Copyright © 2011 Melissa Diane Smith

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