Join Me & the GMO Free Project of Tucson for Key Events in Sept. & Oct.

by Melissa Diane Smith

The GMO Tipping Point Network of Tucson, a chapter of the Institute for Responsible Technology’s national Tipping Point Network, has joined forces with the GMO Free Project of Tucson, an already established non-profit group, to more efficiently hold events, use social media, educate people, and lead the non-GMO movement in Tucson, especially before and during Non-GMO Month this October. Numerous public events, including public showings of two different movies – “Deconstructing Supper” and “The Future of Food” – in September will be held, as well as our main event online, an Eat GMO Free Challenge on the GMO Free Project of Tucson Facebook page during October.

GMOs stand for genetically modified organisms, organisms that would never occur in nature but instead were created in a lab by large agrichemical corporations for their benefit, not ours. GMOs come with serious risks to animals, people, and environmental health, yet most people are not aware they are eating them.

I have been named the new Director of Education for the GMO Free Project of Tucson. Mascha Miedaner is the founder and executive director of the GMO Free Project of Tucson, and Mario Raso is the new Director of Outreach (and also the coordinator for the GMO Tipping Point Network of Tucson and District 8 Organic Consumers Association Millions Against Monsanto campaign).

The following is our schedule through October’s Non-GMO Month. You can stay up to date on these events as well as new events that may be planned at the GMO Free Project of Tucson website or Facebook page. I hope you are as excited about these events as we are!

We are in need of volunteers, so please join us on this vitally important health cause if you can. To volunteer and help out either before or during events, please email email hidden; JavaScript is required.


Monday, September 12, 2011

5:45 to 8:00 p.m.

“Deconstructing Supper” movie showing

at the Joel D. Valdez Main Library, 101 N. Stone

The GMO Free Project of Tucson will show “Deconstructing Supper,” a 48-minute film that follows a leading chef who investigates food safety in the age of GMOs and industrial agriculture, and talk about how to participate in our Eat GMO Free Challenge during Non-GMO Month in October. This event, which is free and open to the public, takes place at the monthly meeting of Sustainable Tucson. Here is a clip from the movie:


Sunday, September 25, 2011

11:00 a.m. to Noon (Tucson time)

“The Unhealthy Truth about What’s In Our Food”

Radio Interview on The Path to Strength and Health radio program

104.1 FM

Mascha Miedaner and I will be guests on The Path to Strength and Health radio program with Garret Smith, N.M.D., and Danny Sawaya. We will be interviewed about what GMOs are, the foods they’re found in, “The Future of Food” movie showing we will be holding later that week, and how Tucsonans (and people throughout the country and world) can participate in our Eat GMO Free Challenge in October. If you can’t listen to the show on the radio, you can listen to it online at this link. If you miss this episode, you can get a podcast of it for download here.


Thursday, September 29th, 2011

12:30 -12:40 p.m.

KVOI 1030 AM

I will be a guest on the Buckmaster radio show with well-known Tucson host Bill Buckmaster explaining how our food has changed with the introduction of GMOs (genetically modified organisms) and genetically modified foods, “The Future of Food” movie showing that the GMO Free Project of Tucson is holding that evening, and our online Eat GMO Free Challenge that starts October 1. Visit the Buckmaster Show website to listen live or to the podcast after the show.


Thursday, September 29, 2011

7:00 p.m.- 9:00 p.m.

“The Future of Food” movie showing

at Crossroads Theater, 4811 E. Grant Rd., #150

The GMO Free Project of Tucson is proud to present a public showing of “The Future of Food,” an 88-minute film that is rated 7.8 on the Internet Movie Database and explains the many problematic issues about GMOs. After the film, we will briefly discuss how you, your family, and friends can participate in the Eat GMO Free Challenge in October. Cost: $5.00 per person. Watch a preview of the film below.


October 2011

The Eat GMO Free Challenge

On the GMO Free Project of Tucson Facebook page

Stay connected on our Facebook page and learn 31 practical tips for eating GMO Free during the 31 days of October, Non-GMO Month.


Early October
GMO education articles in Better Nutrition magazine

In early October, pick up a free copy of the October issue of Better Nutrition, which has my feature article, “Test Your GMO Knowledge,” as well as my monthly gluten-free column that is about gluten-free foods that are also GMO-free. Better Nutrition is available in many natural food stores nationwide. In Tucson, you can pick up a copy of the magazine at any New Life Health Center store.


October 1-16, 2011

The GMO Right2Know March

GMO Free Project of Tucson executive director Mascha Miedaner will be participating in this never-before-done march from New York City to the White House in Washington, D.C. from October 1 to 16 to demand labeling of GMOs in foods. You can read more about the march at GMO Right2Know March  and read a summary of Mascha’s experience after the march and an update or two during the march on the GMO Free Project of Tucson’s Facebook page.

There are travel and lodging costs involved in participating in this historic event on the east coast to raise awareness and demand change in our food system. If you would like to sponsor Mascha on this march, or if you would like to donate money to help fund the many education events we are holding this autumn, please visit and click on the Donate Now button in the upper righthand corner of the page. The GMO Free Project of Tucson is a non-profit organization, so all donations are tax deductible. The support would be greatly appreciated.


Thursday, October 20, 2011

6:30 to 7:45 p.m.

“Do You Know What’s Hidden in Your Food?” A Primer on GMOs

Catalina Foothills High School, 4300 East Sunrise Drive, in Tucson

Right in line with Non-GMO Month, here’s your chance to take a beginner’s class on the topic by me and learn everything you want and need to know about genetically modified organisms (GMOs), the many common foods they’re hidden in, the health risks associated with eating GMOs, and how to avoid them to protect your and your family’s health. A small registration fee paid in advance is required. Health risks brochures, Non-GMO Shopping Guides, and GMO magazine articles written by me will be handed out to everyone who attends this class. To learn how to register for this Community Schools class by phone, online, in person, or by mail, see the Catalina Foothills Community Schools Adult & Family Programs Current Offerings.

Copyright © 2011 Melissa Diane Smith

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