Are We Playing ‘Genetic Roulette’?

by Melissa Diane Smith

If you’ve ever wondered why a whole series of chronic illnesses have increased over the past twenty years, or why you or your kids have allergies, inflammatory diseases, or gastrointestinal problems that your parents and grandparents didn’t have, don’t miss Genetic Roulette: The Gamble of Our Lives, a just-released, groundbreaking documentary on the drastic yet largely unknown change that has occurred in our food: the introduction and pervasive spread of genetically engineered (also known as genetically modified) foods.

The new movie ties the increase in a variety of diseases and disorders to our eating untested, unlabeled genetically engineered (GE) foods, which are artificially created in a laboratory and would never occur in nature.

Through interviews with physicians, veterinarians, farmers, scientists, and everyday consumers, director and producer Jeffrey Smith, a well-known author on the topic, presents convincing evidence that these newfangled foods are profitable for the companies that make and sell them, but are leading contributors to our deteriorating health as well as that of our animals, crops, and soil in countless, unpredictable ways. Don’t worry: The film presents solutions to the problem and action steps each of us can take to change the situation, protect ourselves, and take back our right for real food.

If you live in Tucson, you have the opportunity to see this movie at two large public showings presented by the GMO Free Project of Tucson in October. The first one is on October 11th and it’s free, but you must register for your free seat to this event and tickets are going fast. Register for your free seat to this event while space is still available.

If you live outside of Tucson, look for local screenings by non-GMO activist groups in your area. You also can view the movie for a small pay-per-view donation or purchase the DVD online at

Melissa’s comments:

Not sure you want to take the time to watch this movie? Your very health and life depend on it.

Consider these comments on the Genetic Roulette website from others who took the time to watch it:

This movie shows absolutely horrifying facts that can not be ignored!!! It is essential for the health of the whole world that as many people as possible see it.

I take 2 a day, it helps me not get bloated, & helps keep me regular. Online canadian pharmacy cialis. Today, oral tablets are the most common ED treatment. This is one of them.

You have given every person a truckload of reasons to avoid GMOs with lots of easily understood research summarized to back the reasons up.

I am so astonished by all the things I have heard in the documentary. It really is shocking to see how the United States government is not doing a thing to control this devastating situation happening for more than a decade. We are being lied to and it’s honestly repulsive. I am so happy to see this documentary being made (and) to spread the word, because everyone has a right to know how they have been part of a science experiment.

Genetic Roulette is packed with information. If you didn’t understand the GMO controversy before watching this, you will be a well-informed consumer after you finish watching. Thanks to all the participants for so honestly conveying the message of the dangers of GMOs. We need to stop supporting these companies with our dollars. They will get the message.

I have always believed that if you follow the money you will find the truth. This video just confirmed my belief.

This is one of the most comprehensive documentaries done on genetically engineered foods and their effect on the health of the human population. If you are a parent, a grandparent or if you are just curious about why all the discussion about food safety, this is the film to watch.

I think this documentary has to be the best of its kind on the current GMO situation in a way that undeniably raises the alarm.

Copyright © 2012 Melissa Diane Smith

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