The Easy Way to Say No to GM Foods: Follow the Eat GMO-Free Challenge

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If enough of us stop purchasing foods that contain genetically modified organisms (GMOs), companies will realize that the customer is king and will stop putting risky untested GMOs in our foods. October is Non-GMO Month – the perfect time to spread the word about how to shop and eat non-GMO to create the tipping point of consumer rejection of GMOs quickly to as many people as possible.

Need just one convincing reason to want to avoid genetically modified foods? See the terrifying results that were found in the first long-term animal study published in 2012. Fortunately, there’s a perfect way to learn how to avoid genetically modified foods in what you buy and eat: Follow the Eat GMO-Free Challenge.

I created the Eat GMO-Free Challenge a few years ago to help people on typical diets learn how to take GMOs out of their diets. The challenge focuses on tips to take the direct sources of GMOs out – the nine genetically modified crops as well as recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone (rBGH) and Nutrasweet (aspartame) – with some tips toward the end of the challenge so people can gradually work up to taking out the indirect sources, such as meat from animals that are fed GMOs.

Here is a key tip from the challenge:

Tip #3

Learn the 3 “C”s and 2 “S”s as a way to imprint the 5 major genetically modified crops in our food supply in your mind. The 3 “C”s are: Corn, Canola, and Cottonseed. The 2 “S”s are Soybeans, and Sugar from sugar beets.

There are 30 other tips. You can start whenever you like and follow all the tips – just a tip a day for 31 days – at I recommend that you bookmark that page and click on one new tip each day. In one month, you will have learned all the most important concepts on how to eat GMO-free.

The more you share the page with others, the more we can increase the numbers of non-GMO shoppers exponentially and kick GMOs out for good.

Copyright © 2013 Melissa Diane Smith

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