GF Book Signing November 17th

Want to get copies of Going Against the Grain and Gluten Free Throughout the Year autographed by me for yourself or for holiday gifts for others?

Sunday, November 17th, is a perfect opportunity to do that by stopping by my booth at the Gluten-Free Awareness Expo in Tucson from Noon to 3 p.m. The event is free, but make sure to bring cash or your checkbook to purchase my two gluten-free books at Expo-only prices.

The Gluten-Free Awareness Expo will take place at Lifegain Park outside on the Tucson Medical Center grounds. In addition to my book signing, there will be goody bags given out at the expo, food offerings from restaurants and vendors, and more. To learn more about the free event, visit

I haven’t done a book signing of my gluten-free books in Tucson in a few years, so I’m looking forward to being out there again, seeing former and current clients and attendees of my speeches as well as meeting people who are new to going gluten free.

My two books will be discounted from what customers normally pay in bookstores or by ordering the books online, and I will also be offering a special super-low-price offer for counseling services for people who purchase a book. Make sure to take advantage of this special day to get more gluten aware!

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