Deepak Chopra Issues an Urgent “Call to Action” for a GMO-Free World

Influential speaker Deepak Chopra, a 21-time New York Times bestselling author, posted a YouTube video that he called an urgent “call to action” to save the planet from recent developments that threaten the ecosystem of the Earth and our lives. A good part of his video emphasized our need to oppose genetically modified foods and the multinational corporations that create them.

“We cannot allow ourselves to be hijacked just by people who make a lot of money,” Chopra says, referring to companies that exploit, alter and destroy the Earth for profit.

Chopra also praised fellow Indian and global GMO-free movement activist Vandana Shiva who has spent countless hours speaking and raising awareness about the dangers of GMOs, especially in India where hundreds of thousands of farmers have committed suicide over failed GM cotton products and the resulting economic devastation they’ve faced.

The following are selected passages from the video:

Today I’m asking everyone in the world to be really concerned about what’s happening to our planet and what we can do about it. This is a Call to Action…

With GMO food becoming a predominant supply of our food, we are interfering with hundreds of millions of years of biological evolution on our planet…

…With the advent of manufactured food, processed food, refined food, food that is insecticides and pesticides,… and GMO, we have basically poisoned our body—both our physical body and our cosmic body. We have poisoned life…

Multinational corporations and special interest business entities are basically claiming ownership of all life…

This is a Call to Action for the world to wake up…. Are we going to allow a few special interest groups and businesses to create extinction of life on this planet?

The only thing that can save us at this moment is a mass shift in collective consciousness….

I’m asking everyone who is watching this to support Vandana Shiva… and in general create a critical mass for sanity in the world so that we can save all life and save our planet…

Let’s now put Love into action… and let’s create a critical mass for a more peaceful, sustainable, healthier and happier planet.


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