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Is your New Year’s resolution to eat better to lose weight, overcome health conditions, or get healthier? I have great news for you: I’m offering a special deal from now through February 18, 2015: Purchase one of my books (Syndrome X, Going Against the Grain, Gluten Free Throughout the Year, or Going Against GMOs), email or mail your receipt to me, and get $25.00 off the price of any nutrition coaching program with me or $15.00 off my Get Started Combo nutrition counseling services. This offer is good for New Clients only. Existing clients can purchase a book of mine they haven’t read before and get $10.00 off a Follow-Up Consultation.

I honestly believe that knowledge is power and the more people read unbiased nutrition information that isn’t influenced by food companies, the more they make better choices about the food they eat to improve their health. Unfortunately, many people are still fooled by the pervasive grains-are-good-for-us and GMOs-will-feed-the-world propaganda out there that they have a difficult time sorting fact from fiction on these matters. It’s so much easier for me to work with clients who have read my books and gotten the straight scoop on these issues. When I advise readers of my books who have a basic knowledge about these issues, we can cover much more territory in our counseling or coaching sessions and achieve quicker positive results improving their health. Toward that goal, I’m offering extra incentive to encourage people who are new to my books to read them so they can learn information that enhances their health in the new year.

There’s a different way to get a discount on my counseling or coaching services. Just write a review of my new book Going Against GMOs on Amazon.com or BarnesandNoble.com to help spread the word. Let me know that you did, and get $10.00 off a Follow-Up Consultation if you’re an existing client or $20.00 off my Get Started Combo nutrition counseling services or any nutrition coaching program if you’ve never counseled with me before. This offer is good through April 30, 2015.

You can take advantage of one offer or the other but not both at the same time. However, you can purchase Going Against GMOs, send me the receipt, and get the special deal on my Get Started Combo counseling services. After you complete the two counseling sessions with me that are in the Get Started Combo, you can write a review of the book and use the second offer to get $10.00 off a new, separate Follow-Up Consultation that you purchase.

I love advising clients and hope you’ll take advantage of this special to work with me so I can help you use food as medicine to achieve your health goals in the new year.

Copyright 2014 Melissa Diane Smith

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