March Against Monsanto
Going Against GMOs Book Special

MAM Call-to-Action SpecialThis year’s March Against Monsanto Day of Action is May 23, 2015. The March Against Monsanto is a people-powered, worldwide display of protest against unnatural genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in our foods and against the chemical companies, such as Monsanto, that produce them. The event is a terrific vehicle for expressing our upset, anger, and frustration about the corporate takeover of our food. With the media and Internet coverage the event gets, the March Against Monsanto also does a fantastic job of raising awareness about the serious issues and dangers associated with GMOs to the masses.

But when the marching is over, what then? The goal is to collectively take action against GMOs in our everyday lives to create a tipping point of consumer rejection against GMOs and kick them out of our food supply for good. As a non-GMO speaker and nutrition counselor, I’ve found that most people, including many activists, don’t know how to avoid genetically modified foods and don’t realize that’s something we can do right now, even though we don’t have mandatory labeling. That’s exactly why I wrote Going Against GMOs, an easy-to-understand consumer’s guide to take back our food and health. It’s also why I’m offering the Call-to-Action Special Edition of my book at an unbelievably discounted price through May 31, 2015. (If you prefer an e-book version of my book, get it here.)

MonsantoMarchPALKAHave a great March Against Monsanto (MAM) Day—hoot and holler in any MAM gathering across the globe if you’re motivated to. But, before or after the event, take advantage of my limited-time offer for $5.00 off my Going Against GMOs Call-to-Action Special Edition, and put the emotion you feel about what’s been done to our food into action. Spread the word to others, too.

As I said in the March Against Monsanto rallying speech I gave in 2013 (see more pictures here), “when enough of us shop and eat non-GMO, Monsanto and all other biotech companies are going to pay in the way that hurts them the most! Let’s put them out of business and reclaim our food system by telling companies to sell food with only non-GMO, organic, sustainable, and local ingredients, as food was meant to be.”

Copyright 2015 Melissa Diane Smith

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