Special ‘Why and How to Boycott GMOs’ Talk Oct. 17th at Armory Park

Boycott GMOs eventby Melissa Diane Smith

Be sure to come to my special presentation, “Why and How to Boycott GMOs,” at Armory Park Senior Center, 220 South 5th Avenue, in Tucson this Saturday, October 17th. I, Melissa Diane Smith, will explain the top reasons why people want to say no to genetically modified organisms (GMOs), exactly how to boycott them when shopping for food, and other strategies for economic action and activism against GMOs.

The term “boycott” fires up some people. For others, the term scares them. Don’t let the word intimidate you. The original title of this speech was “How to Take Action Against GMOs.” However, the presentation goes along with the poster exhibition entitled Boycott! The Art of Economic Activism, so the organizers and I changed the title to more closely go along with the theme. The exact same information will be covered.

Even if you’re brand new to the topic of genetically modified foods, this speech will still be helpful to you. I’ll explain what GMOs are, the many reasons that people are avoiding GMOs, and why people become stronger and stronger about not wanting to purchase GMOs the more they learn about them. The second half of the presentation explains exactly how to avoid GMOs when shopping for food, plus with other effective ways to take action against them.

Copies of my new book, Going Against GMOs: The Fast-Growing Movement to Avoid Unnatural Genetically Modified “Foods” to Take Back Our Food and Health, will be available following my talk for the special low price for Non-GMO Month of $15.00. I of course will be on hand to sign copies of my book and answer questions, and light non-GMO snacks will be served following the presentation.

Make a late afternoon/early evening of it by coming an hour or two early so you can view the special poster art exhibit.

Copyright 2015 Melissa Diane Smith


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