Handy Grain-Free Bread Substitutes

Looking for a pre-made, ready-to-use, grain-free wrap or bread? These items don’t have the same taste or texture as flour-based tortillas, so you may have to try a few to find one you like. But each of the following products can add convenience and variety to a grain- or gluten-free diet.


Julian-Bakery-Coconut-Wraps Pure Wraps Paleo Coconut Wraps

Both Pure Wraps Paleo Coconut Wraps and Julian Bakery Paleo Wraps offer flexible, low-carb wraps made of coconut meat and water. The Pure Wraps are seasoned with Himalayan pink salt, while the Julian Wraps are salt-free. That makes Pure Wraps great for savory fillings such as grilled chicken and spinach, or eggs and avocado; and the Julian Wraps ideal for desserts, such as berries and whipped coconut cream.


GreenLeaf-Foods-Raw-WrapsGreenLeaf Foods combines nutrient-dense spinach or kale with apple, onion, coconut nectar, psyllium husk, and quinoa to make soft Raw Wraps. These tortilla substitutes are a great way to get more green veggies in your diet, and they’re loaded with vitamins A, C, and K, antioxidants, minerals, fiber, polyphenols, and flavonoids. They go well with a variety of fillings.



ChocolaTree-Raw-onion_breadChocolaTree uses organic sprouted sunflower seeds, chia seeds, unrefined olive oil, and sea salt to make Raw Onion Bread and Jalapeño Onion Bread. Either can be used to make small, nutrient-dense sandwiches, or can serve as a cracker substitute for dipping in hummus, guacamole, or salsa.

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