Announcing My New Book: ‘Gluten Free Throughout the Year’

I am very pleased to announce the release of my new book, Gluten Free Throughout the Year: A Two-Year, Month-to-Month Guide for Healthy Eating. I wrote the book as a companion guide to Going Against the Grain for the many people who asked for it. The primary focus is to help people on a gluten-free diet, but it’s also useful for people who want to lose weight or who follow a reduced-carbohydrate diet. Below is a summary of the information in the book followed by quick answers to several questions I am asked most often about the book by my clients and readers.


Eating gluten free at picnics, while traveling, when you’re sick, and during holidays. All this and more is covered in the first ever gluten-free book of its kind, Gluten Free Throughout the Year. The book has:

  • An introduction summarizing the latest information on gluten sensitivity and the gluten-free lifestyle
  • A chapter outlining diet guidelines to improve and maintain health over the long term
  • An explanation of why many people who eat gluten free gain unhealthy weight
  • A short, easy-to-read chapter for every month that explains a seasonal topic or common issue faced by gluten-free eaters
  • Helpful advice on everything from making your own fast food to safely eating out in restaurants

With more than 100 tips, 30 recipes, and names of the healthiest gluten-free food brands and products, this is a guide for living the gluten-free lifestyle like no other.

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Quick Q& As about My New Book

Some of you have asked questions about my new book. I thought I should post those questions and my answers to give everyone a bit more information.

Q. Is Gluten Free Throughout the Year similar to Going Against the Grain?

A. Gluten Free Throughout the Year is a companion guide to Going Against the Grain. It shows how to put the concepts covered in Going Against the Grain into practice in real life on a maintenance gluten-free diet for long-term good health. While each book stands well on its own, they go best together. If you liked Going Against the Grain or my other books Syndrome X or User’s Guide to Preventing & Reversing Diabetes Naturally, you’ll love Gluten Free Throughout the Year. My new book is a two-year, month-to-month handbook with tips, recipes, and names of the healthiest gluten-free food products.

Q. Is Gluten Free Throughout the Year a low-carb book?

A. It’s definitely a reduced-carb book. But it doesn’t advocate one type of gluten-free diet for everybody. Just as Going Against the Grain encouraged people to figure out how far against the grain and how low carb they should eat based on their unique health situation, symptoms, and medical history, Gluten Free Throughout the Year does the same thing. It gives readers lots of food suggestions and food ideas and allows people to pick and choose based on those that will work best for them. Many of the food products mentioned are quite low carb, are some of my favorite food products, and have not been written about elsewhere. Although not all of the suggestions and recipes are appropriate for people on low-carb diets, many are, and I guarantee that there are some suggestions for low-carb, grain-free foods you probably don’t know about (because they are brand new) that are worth the price of the book many times over.

Q. I don’t think I have a problem with gluten but I want to lose weight. Would Gluten Free Throughout the Year be helpful to me?

A. Absolutely. The main focus in the book is on eating more fresh foods, especially more fresh vegetables in place of grains and sugars. When you eat that way, the carbohydrates and calories you consume automatically drop and you automatically lose weight. Although my primary focus was to help people who eat gluten free improve their diet, I honestly think this is an excellent book to help people gradually change their dietary habits so they can lose weight, keep it off, and maintain health throughout their lifetime.

Q. Where can I buy Gluten Free Throughout the Year?

A. The best place to buy Gluten Free Throughout the Year is directly on my book page at (You can also get to that site from clicking over from the Gluten Free Throughout the Year book page on my Melissa Diane Smith site.)

I chose Booklocker because it’s a Bookstore for the Unique, Eclectic and Different and it was the best way I could get the type of information I want to get out to people quickly without having to wait a year or so for the book to be published.

At, you can order the book in the format you want – either as a traditional book (which is my preference) that you get delivered to your door, or as an E-book, which I am specifically offering as an option for those who prefer that format and also to keep the cost of the book down for the increasing number of people who follow my work in other countries. In fact, if you’d like the book as an E-book, is the only site to order it that way.

The book is also distributed by the number one book distributor Ingram and can be purchased on and special-ordered through major and local independent bookstores. Ordering the book this way (with middlemen involved) usually slows the delivery time and also is less beneficial to the author. However, if you have other books to purchase, such as if you want to buy both Going Against the Grain and Gluten Free Throughout the Year, is a good place to do that. This book will likely be sold by some celiac organizations as well.

Copyright © 2010 Melissa Diane Smith

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