ABC Cancels a TV Show Two Days After an Episode about GMOs Airs

by Melissa Diane Smith

 (Opinion) – On Tuesday, March 25th, I turned the TV channel and happened to land on a show where the first few lines I heard were about someone who had tried to blow the whistle on his employer for creating a dangerous genetically modified food. This obviously caught my attention! I thought to myself, is the GMO topic really being covered on a TV series on one of the main networks? It seemed so hard to believe, I felt like I was dreaming!

I watched this unorthodox show called Mind Games, in which brothers and partners in a unique agency are committed to solving clients’ problems using psychological tactics. The particular episode I stumbled upon, called “Cauliflower Man,” involved the firm’s team being hired by Jim McKenna, a researcher who tried to blow the whistle on his employer, a company called “PureGrow,” for creating a dangerous genetically modified cauliflower. In the process, McKenna was fired and his life was ruined. People thought he was crazy. Even McKenna’s wife didn’t believe him. The key brother owner of the firm believed him, though, and the team enacted a plan to convince McKenna’s former colleague to leak documentation to validate McKenna’s claims and expose PureGrow. I thought many parts of the show were quite well done.



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