Gluten and Wheat Sensitivity Increasingly Recognized as Common Health Problems

In the course of researching various topics in New Zealand in preparation for my upcoming presentations to the integrative medicine association there, I saw that Dr. Rodney Ford of Christchurch, New Zealand – known as Dr. Gluten – has some interesting news about gluten sensitivity on his website Fasano says yes to gluten sensitivity.

Gluten sensitivity has long been ignored by many doctors and researchers, so this is very big news! The full abstract about gluten sensitivity about which Dr. Alessio Fasano spoke is posted here at the Gluten Free and Beyond Forum. (more…)

I Will Be Speaking in New Zealand!

I will be giving the keynote address at the Australasian Integrative Medicine Association conference in Auckland, New Zealand May 3 and 4, 2008. The conference is on obesity and diabetes, which are epidemics in New Zealand as they are in other western nations. But I will also be covering information about gluten sensitivity in my follow-up workshop, too. If you would like to see the program of the conference or forward it to anyone you know in New Zealand, you can find more info here. Needless to say, I am honored and excited!

Eating a Hunter-Gatherer Diet Reverses Diabetic Indicators in Just 7 Weeks

Note: This is an older study — one that most people don’t know about but should.

Change the diet and see striking improvements in virtually every measure of health for people with diabetes in just seven weeks? That’s exactly what happened for ten middle-aged, overweight, diabetic Australian Aborigines in 1982.

All ten of them had developed type 2 diabetes after leaving the bush where they had lived some years before and abandoning their traditional diet. Their diet in an urban area of Australia consisted mainly of flour, sugar, rice, carbonated drinks, beer, port, powdered milk, cheap fatty meat, and potatoes.

For a research experiment, the Aborigines agreed to return to their traditional homeland, and eat the way they did before, hunting and gathering foods. During that seven-week period of time, their diet consisted of seafood, along with birds, kangaroo and the fatty larvae of a local insect (during the time they were on the coast). They moved to a more inland location and ate freshwater fish and shellfish, turtle, crocodile, birds, kangaroo, yams, figs, bush honey, and other plant foods.



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