HEALTH ALERT: Mercury Found inMany High-Fructose Corn Syrup Foods

Soda, granola bars, ketchup and many other foods taste sweet but many have an alarmingly bitter side: they also come with mercury, a heavy metal that is toxic to humans.

These surprising findings come from two studies that focused on high-fructose corn syrup — one of which was published in the journal Environmental Health and the other by the non-profit Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy (IATP).


Supplements Know-How for Celiacs

Do you have celiac disease and are you confused about which nutrient supplements you should take? The first thing to understand is supplement needs vary depending on how much damage has been done from the celiac disease and whether other health problems have developed. Eliminating gluten from the diet is the first and most important step, but after that, then what? It’s important to work with a doctor who specializes in celiac disease and can order tests to determine if you have secondary health conditions brought on from the celiac disease and, if you do, exactly what conditions they are and what levels of nutrients you have.


Obama Likes to Snack Against the Grain

On his second full day in office, President Barack Obama surprised members of the White House press corps by unexpectedly visiting their work area in the West Wing, saying hi and commenting on the lack of healthy snacks in the vending machines in that area.

After passing by vending machines that had soda, candy bars and chips, Obama suggested that we “might want to have healthier snacks,” according to TIME magazine.

So, what does the svelte president snack on? Mostly against-the-grain snacks, such as fruits and nuts. According to USA Today, Obama likes Planters Trail Mix: Nuts, Seeds and Raisins. He also drinks a lot of bottled water.


The Perfect Time to Create a New You

The beginning of a new year is a fitting time to reinforce the idea that you can create a new you at any time. The quickest, healthiest way to do that is to change what you eat.

We don’t really think of it, but the body is constantly at work running every system in the body: the digestive system, immune system, cardiovascular system, respiratory system and many others to keep us healthy. We tend to think of our bodies as static without any change, but that’s not true: the body is constantly breaking down the old and rebuilding new. For example, it replaces the entire skin every six to seven years, gives us all new red blood cells every 120 days, and it actually renews the lining of the entire digestive tract every three to four days.



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