Take Advantage of Big Discounts on ‘Going Against GMOs’ in May!

by Melissa Diane Smith, author of Going Against GMOs

May 2016 Book SpecialLimited-time specials on the book on Amazon.com on select days during March Against Monsanto month

On May 21, 2016, hundreds of thousands of concerned individuals will gather across 38 countries and 428 cities to join in an international peaceful protest against the Monsanto company as a part of the March Against Monsanto grassroots campaign. The event is a terrific vehicle for physically and vocally expressing public disgust and anger over the corporate takeover of our food by Monsanto and other chemical corporations and for raising awareness of the dangers surrounding Monsanto’s genetically modified seeds and cancer-linked herbicide Roundup.

Monsanto-March5D2-12040PALKAThe initial march took place on May 25, 2013. I gave the rallying address at Tucson’s March Against Monsanto that year. You can read what I said here. The photo is courtesy of James F. Palka/PlanetaryImages.com (PlanetaryImages.com).

Speaking from firsthand experience, I can say that the grassroots protest is impressive and inspiring. But when the marching is over, what then? The goal is to take action against GMOs in our everyday lives so that together we can create a tipping point of consumer rejection against GMOs and kick them out of our food supply for good. Unfortunately, I’ve found that most people, including many activists, don’t know how to avoid genetically modified foods and don’t realize that’s something we can do right now, even though we don’t yet have mandatory labeling (although Vermont’s labeling law is scheduled to go into effect on July 1st of this year if Congress doesn’t pass legislation that preempts it).

The good news is that through collective action, enough of us have been shopping non-GMO in the last few years that we have significantly hurt Monsanto’s seed sales, chemical sales, and stock prices. But we still need many more people to take action against GMOs with the food purchases they make. To help a wider group of individuals get the information they need to do that, I’m running the following limited-time discounts this month on the paperback and Ebook versions of Going Against GMOs, which I wrote to be a definitive consumer’s guide.

May 1 – May 15, 2016: Purchase my Going Against GMOs Special Edition paperback at 20% off the regular price ($15.99 instead of $19.99).

May 19-May 23, 2016: Buy the Kindle Ebook version of Going Against GMOs at 30-60% off the regular price of $9.89 during Amazon Countdown Deals, which offer the biggest discount on May 19 and 10% lower discounts on each subsequent day of the promotion. Buy the Ebook on May 19th to get the largest (60%) discount.

If you want the paperback version of my book, go to www.goingagainstgmos.com, click the appropriate link, and be sure to buy your copy by May 15.

For the Ebook version, mark your calendar or set an alert on your smart phone to buy the Kindle Ebook at www.goingagainstgmos.com on May 19 for the biggest discount, or buy it anytime in the few days before or after the March Against Monsanto event to get the Ebook at impressive discounts.

Please also help spread the word about these discounts to your friends, coworkers, family, and social media followers. The sooner more people become informed about how to effectively use their purchasing power to go against GMOs (with or without mandatory labeling), the sooner we the people will take back our food and health from corporations like Monsanto!

Copyright 2016 Melissa Diane Smith

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