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about ‘Going Against GMOs’

going-against-gmos-reviewsMore people are reading Going Against GMOs, which has led to new highly rated reviews.

Angie Wagg from Kelly’s Thoughts on Things blog called Going Against GMOs “The Definitive Guide to Understanding,” which I consider a very high compliment!

She wrote:

There is a new movement going around. (My husband and I) didn’t completely understand what GMOs were until reading this book. Now we are educated and understand. The movement of avoiding unnatural genetically modified organisms (GMOs) hidden in our foods is growing. American and Canadians have been kept in the dark for such a long time that a lot still don’t know about them. That is why I loved this book. I keep referring back to it when I have questions. It is a definitive guide to helping us understand genetically modified foods.

I couldn’t be happier to read that paragraph! Educating people who have never been given the information to completely understand what GMOs are and why they are such a serious issue is exactly why I wrote the book. You can read her full review here.

Sabrina Zimmerman, blogger on The Brunette Ecoholic, wrote:

There’s really so much information in this book that it’s difficult to get everything in one post! I definitely, highly recommend that anyone who wishes to educate themselves more on GMOs and to learn how to effectively avoid them, to get this book! Seriously! It’s become one of my favorite health conscious books ever (it’s like my non-GMO bible)!

Read her full review here.

On Amazon.com, Dee Long wrote:

Credible evidence for saying no to GMOs! Melissa Diane Smith has done her homework, presenting very credible evidence to the reader on why to join the movement to avoid buying or consuming genetically modified foods.

And Mr. and Mrs. S wrote:

This book is a gem in and of itself. It is chock full of so much information. Some of the stuff I was aware of and some of it I wasn’t. For example, I knew that companies that are both here in the states and overseas use GMOs here but not in other countries. This is because other countries have bans or limited allowance on GMOs. Hmm….disturbing. However, I didn’t know that GMOs have been around as long as they have, basically my whole life. Nor was I aware that the FDA’s own scientist warned against using GMOs. Obviously they were ignored. I’m not making this up y’all! Neither is Melissa! Her book is well researched and documented. In other words, there’s plenty of proof in the pudding!

Melissa’s book is an easy, eye-opening read. She offers lots of information to help you better understand GMOs, the dangers associated with these unnatural foods, how to go GMO free, shopping advice, traveling advice, and even eating out advice! She lists 10 outstanding reasons as to why you should go non-GMO and as stated, just a minute ago, she helps you not only with tips and advice but also with her Eat GMO-Free challenge. Melissa also, kindly, provides over 45 easy, mouth-watering, GMO-free recipes!

If you don’t yet have a copy, get your copy today and experience for yourself why people find it such a valuable resource.

Copyright 2016 Melissa Diane Smith

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