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Listen to this Podcast: Get a Rundown on How to Make Food Your Best Medicine

Start 2023 on an empowering note by giving yourself motivation on how to really make food your best medicine: Listen to the 32-minute podcast in which I and homeopathic practitioner host Ambika Wauters have a lively, thought-provoking conversation about this topic.

Based on our unique clinical and professional experiences, we discuss how the body has an amazing ability to heal itself. However, the self-healing potential of the body breaks down over time when we eat disease-contributing “food imposters” like refined vegetable oils, refined carbohydrates, and genetically modified foods sprayed with pesticides – as well as common problematic food ingredients we react to, such as gluten. Your will to steer clear of health-degrading junk food and to eat in a way that helps you thrive can break down from taking prescription medications.

Ambika and I shed light on the widespread censorship and misinformation happening today that is designed to push you toward a drug path as opposed to a food path for your health and to keep you from learning how to really make food your best medicine.

If you’re interested in nutrition counseling or coaching over the phone with me, please visit my Nutrition Services page and email me through that page.

When Gluten-Free Eating is the Best Medicine: Everything You Need to Know

On December 8, 2022, in an interview on One Life Radio, I, Melissa Diane Smith, was thrilled and delighted to explain all about “When Gluten-Free Eating is the Best Medicine,” based on my decades of research and counseling experience, and share some information that even people who eat routinely gluten-free don’t know. I also shared a few personal stories, including my own that was written about in the beginning of my book Going Against the Grain, that show how powerful and therapeutic gluten-free eating really is.

Whether you a gluten-free veteran or a newbie just trying to understand why gluten has become so problematic and why so many more people are eating gluten-free in the last few decades, this is a must-listen-to podcast! Host Bernadette Fiaschetti and Producer Jerry Caldwell were so happy with the especially helpful info in this interview that they ran this episode as one of their “best of” shows!

The Scoop on Industrially Produced Corn that You Won’t Hear Elsewhere

On November 11, 2022, I, author Melissa Diane Smith, was interviewed by Bernadette Fiaschetti and Jerry Caldwell on One Life Radio on the topic, “Could You Be Reacting to Corn?” It was a great conversation in which I was able to cover everything related to corn that you don’t hear on the mainstream news! That means, of course, how much corn is hidden in our food supply, the health hazards from genetically modified (GM) corn (as I explained in Going Against GMOs), and also corn allergies, corn sensitivity, corn allergy addiction and binge-eating, and other mysterious eosinophil-elevated illnesses from eating corn.

I also explained that with two-thirds of Americans overweight and more than half with blood-sugar- and insulin-related health conditions, corn is not a healthy food to be basing our diets on, whether we’re reacting to it or not. This is an interview you don’t want to miss listening to!

Beyond Organic: Buy Regenerative!

by Melissa Diane Smith

Improving soil health is an overlooked key for nutrient-dense food and a healthier planet. We can support farming that has this focus through the products we purchase.

Thanks to Roman Synkevych for the use of his picture.

I was blown away when I saw the documentary Kiss the Ground, and learned how important regenerating the soil is to so many things, including: growing nutrient-dense food that keeps us healthy; efficiently absorbing both carbon dioxide and water; and positively impacting weather extremes! Can you explain more about this and about the best ways I can take action as a consumer to support regenerative farming? (Is eating organic the way to do it?)

– Susan H. from Atlanta, Georgia


Most people don’t understand how critical healthy soil is for supporting a web of health and environmental matters they care about – everything from producing nutritious food and conserving water when growing crops to stabilizing Earth’s climate. (more…)

Renew Your Health: Take Advantage of Nutrition Counseling Summer Special!

by Melissa Diane Smith

Would you like to revise your diet to use food as medicine to alleviate a chronic condition, to reverse many risk factors for heart disease, or to help you trim up so you can fit into your favorite swimsuit?

Maybe you need a pep talk to get back on track with your diet after you ate foods on your vacation that set your health back?

Or would you like to learn the tricks of the trade of how to take genetically modified foods out of what you eat? Or how to avoid gluten, grains, or sugar? Or how you can balance a few different types of therapeutic diets in the best way for you?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, now is the best time to consider hiring me for personal nutrition advice to help you meet your health goals. I love counseling with clients and providing them with personalized nutrition advice to improve their health and life, and the beginning of summer is considered a sacred time and often the perfect time to set new goals and get off to a fresh start. That’s why I thought now was the ideal time to launch a 20% discount ($140 instead of the normal price of $175) on my Get Started Combo (an Initial Phone Consultation and a Follow-Up for new clients) this summer. This is a limited-time only deal. Make sure to take advantage of it. The Summer Special will run through August 31, 2018.


Going Primal for Valentine’s Day

Use simple whole-food ingredients to prepare a low-fuss romantic meal for two

Ask the Nutritionist

by Melissa Diane Smith

Q: My wife and I both follow a Paleo/Primal and we’re both very busy. We don’t eat out that often because we have trouble finding restaurants that serve hunter-gatherer-type meals. I’d like to surprise my wife this Valentine’s Day by serving a tasty Primal dinner at home. Have any suggestions on easy foods to make that we’d both enjoy? —Mike S., San Diego

A: How thoughtful of you! Your wife is going to love your surprise! Among the many great things about the Paleo/Primal Diet is that it’s easy to use a handful of quality, whole-food ingredients to prepare a decadent, gourmet-tasting dinner with little fuss. Grains and legumes take a lot of time to cook. By cutting out these ingredients, you can really cut down on the prep time.Just think about your wife’s preferences, and decide on red meat, poultry, or seafood. Then add some tastily prepared vegetables and a yummy, easy-to-fix dessert.


Did You Know?

The Paleo and Primal eating plans both avoid grains and legumes, which drastically cuts down prep time.



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