Beyond Organic: Buy Regenerative!

by Melissa Diane Smith

Improving soil health is an overlooked key for nutrient-dense food and a healthier planet. We can support farming that has this focus through the products we purchase.

Thanks to Roman Synkevych for the use of his picture.

I was blown away when I saw the documentary Kiss the Ground, and learned how important regenerating the soil is to so many things, including: growing nutrient-dense food that keeps us healthy; efficiently absorbing both carbon dioxide and water; and positively impacting weather extremes! Can you explain more about this and about the best ways I can take action as a consumer to support regenerative farming? (Is eating organic the way to do it?)

– Susan H. from Atlanta, Georgia


Most people don’t understand how critical healthy soil is for supporting a web of health and environmental matters they care about – everything from producing nutritious food and conserving water when growing crops to stabilizing Earth’s climate. (more…)


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