Podcast of Me Covering the Problemswith Grains Now Available

The podcast interview that Jimmy Moore of The Livin’ La Vida Low Carb Show did with me is now available! Jimmy is doing a great job spreading the word about the health benefits of low-carb diets, I love his enthusiastic personality, and I really enjoyed being on his show. He and I had a wonderful chat and we covered a lot of territory about the many unadvertised troubles with grains. If you have not yet read my Going Against the Grain book (or if you just need a little refresher on the information), the interview is a good overview of many of the topics I cover in that book. The interview runs less than an hour, and the many subjects we discussed in that time include:

  • my work at a popular health spa where I ate the recommended high-grain diet and got sick and fat
  • why we don’t need to be consuming the amount of grains that is often promoted by health professionals
  • what happens to us when we consume large amounts of grains
  • how grains became such a major part of the American diet
  • the antinutrient properties of grain products
  • delayed food allergies brought on by grains
  • the addictive nature of grains on the body
  • the harmfulness of genetically-modified foods (especially corn) and why they’re hard to identify
  • grain-related sensitivities
  • why a gluten sensitivity doesn’t necessarily mean you have celiac disease
  • my “Against The Grain” dietary guidelines compared with what the USDA recommends
  • the challenges of reducing or eliminating grains from your diet and what you can do about it
  • why it’s important to replace whole grains with low-carb vegetables
  • how to purchase non-grain foods at the grocery store
  • why eating out grain-free is much, much easier these days
  • how a vegetarian can cut the grains in his diet (most are “grain”-arians!)
  • the supplements that augment a grain-free diet
  • why even kids should be raised against the grain

As I said, the interview is jam-packed with information! To hear the free podcast and learn some nutrition information that you probably haven’t heard before that can help your health, just go to The Livin’ La Vida Low Carb Show and click on the link to start listening. Enjoy the show!

Copyright © 2010 Melissa Diane Smith

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