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The latest stop on my virtual book tour for Gluten Free Throughout the Year was an interview at, which was posted as a podcast on Sept. 8th. Host Erin Elberson who has similar nutrition philosophies as I do interviewed me and we had an engaging chat that covered a lot of territory. We discussed helpful-for-health information for people who have celiac disease or gluten sensitivity and even for people who don’t. If you’d like to hear the real scoop on gluten-free and grain-free diets and how you can personalize the info to design the best diet for you for improved health, listen to the podcast right now.

In the interview, you’ll hear about:

  • My personal journey that led me to eat against the grain
  • My professional experiences that led me to counsel people and write about the health benefits of eating against the grain
  • Common pitfalls in the typical diet for those first diagnosed with celiac or gluten intolerance
  • Looking at the gluten-free diet as an opportunity to give yourself a healthy edge
  • Processed gluten-free foods vs. naturally gluten-free foods
  • Why going against the grain helps people lose weight
  • A brief explanation of lectins, what they are, and how they may affect us
  • Unadvertised problems with the gluten-free grains corn and millet
  • The idea that just because a food is labeled gluten-free doesn’t mean you should eat it
  • How to approach finding out what foods work best for you

The interview gave a great overview of what I cover in my books, Going Against the Grain and Gluten Free Throughout the Year, and Erin highly recommended both books to everyone. About my new book Gluten Free throughout the Year, Erin called it “incredibly deceiving,” which actually was a very high compliment. She said:

“…you pick it up and it’s a little bit bigger than your standard mass market paperback. But it’s packed full of really actionable, easy-to-implement steps…. It’s surprising when you pick it up (because) you realize there is so much stuff in there that you can use immediately, stuff that you can put into practice.”

If you’re new to gluten-free eating, the podcast will open your mind to information that most people aren’t told when they start eating gluten free. And if you’re a long-time against-the-grain eater and very familiar with the trouble with gluten (and other) grains, the podcast will likely fill you in on a few things you haven’t heard before or give you an information refresher and intellectual and emotional reinforcement to keep going against the grain for health. The interview is only 39 minutes long, so take a short break out of your day, expand your knowledge, and listen to the podcast right now.

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