The Many Reasons to Go
Against the Grain for Health

Do you want to hear a good overview of key points I have covered in all of the books I have written? Take an hour to listen to this podcast. Holistic-oriented nutrition counselor Erin Chamerlik interviewed me on her Get Better Wellness podcast on BlogTalkRadio, and we had a great conversation.

Like me, Erin had her health fail by eating the high-grain typical American diet, she had to learn the hard way that all of us have been given the wrong advice about what to eat to keep ourselves healthy, and she literally had to go against the grain to rebuild her health just like I did. Erin and I ran through all the problems associated with eating a lot of grains in the diet: from high blood sugar and insulin levels that lead to degenerative disease, to celiac disease and non-celiac gluten sensitivity, to the antinutrients in whole grains and the nutrient deficiencies and autoimmune conditions they can set people up for. We also covered good fats and bad fats, the psychological and biochemical reasons that people fool themselves into thinking they could never eat against the grain, the top reasons why most gluten-free packaged foods are unhealthy over the long term, and a quick summary of a whole new layer of health problems associated with eating genetically modified foods, which most people are eating without realizing.

Erin summed up the show by saying: “If you want to get well, this has been the perfect show. It has outlined everything for you with the knowledge that Melissa has, and has shared with us (today).” So, listen to this podcast and share it widely to spread the word to others.

For more detailed information on the topics I covered in the interview, be sure to check out my books. And if you’d like more personalized coaching or counseling advice specifically for you, take a look at my nutrition counseling/coaching page to learn more about how to work with me on a one-on-one basis.

Food was meant to keep us healthy. If you’re not as healthy as you’d like to be, you likely are following the wrong advice about what to eat. It’s time to change that and get on the road to health that’s better than you could ever imagine.

Copyright © 2013 Melissa Diane Smith

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