Q&A Interview with Going Against GMOs Author Melissa Diane Smith

genfood-signMany people wonder why I decided to write Going Against GMOs and what’s covered in the book. Check out this big feature interview in the October issue of Better Nutrition magazine to learn all that and more.

What the real magazine has that the online version doesn’t have is the Editor’s Note entitled “Giving up GMOs—For Good.” Editor Nicole Brechka’s column starts out:

I have never liked the idea of eating something that has been genetically modified, but it wasn’t until reading Melissa Diane Smith’s new book Going Against GMOs, that I really started to understand just how harmful these so-called “Frankenfoods” really are. Up until that point, I didn’t understand what genetically modified organisms (GMOs) were—or why I should avoid them.

That was gratifying to hear—and exactly why I wrote the book, to make this food topic of our time easy for the public to understand!

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