Follow the Eat GMO-Free Challenge During the Month of November

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On Tuesday, November 4th, voters in Colorado and Oregon will head to the polls to decide whether to require foods made with genetically modified ingredients to be labeled – something people who are concerned about what’s in their food say we as a country should have required decades ago. Regardless of whether the Colorado and Oregon measures pass or fail, it’s important not to wait for labeling but to be proactive and opt to become a savvy consumer and avoid unnatural genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in the foods you buy and eat right now.

Starting before Election Day – on November 1st – make the commitment to learn how to say no to GMOs in real-life, day-to-day living by following my Eat GMO-Free Challenge. As I explain in Going Against GMOs, we can avoid GMOs right now even though we don’t have mandatory labeling, just as people learned how to avoid gluten before gluten-free labeling guidelines were issued. The complete challenge is listed in Chapter 7 of my new book. But to make the process of learning how to avoid GMOs easier, I will post a tip a day from the Eat GMO-Free Challenge for 31 consecutive days on my Going Against GMOs Facebook page. If you’re a Facebook member, make sure to “like” that page and share it with others. If you’re not a Facebook member, you can still can view that page each day and learn the tips little by little. It all starts on November 1st.


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