Going Against the Grain + Going Against GMOs Nutrition Special

I recently learned that my books Going Against the Grain and Going Against GMOs are frequently bought together on Amazon.com. That’s great to learn! If you read Going Against the Grain first, then Going Against GMOs, you’ll get a crash course on the biggest food issues of our time that are rarely covered by mainstream media but are vital to know about to dramatically improve and protect our health.

Want to join others who are reading both books in succession so you know how to change the foods you eat to revitalize your health? I’m offering a deal during the summer that gives you incentive to do that: Purchase both Going Against the Grain and Going Against GMOs (in either paperback or e-book form), email or mail your receipt to me, and get $30.00 off the price of any nutrition coaching program or $25.00 off my Get Started Combo nutrition counseling services. (Trust me when I say that my Get Started Combo will never go any lower than that!)

If you have already read one of these books but haven’t read the other, you can buy the one you haven’t read, send me the receipt, and still get $15.00 off a coaching program or my Get Started Combo counseling program. Either offer is good for new clients only and is available until September 1, 2015.

People gain life-changing information and health benefits from reading my books without ever working directly with me, but many still have questions about how to personalize the breadth of nutrition information in those books for their individual health situation. This is a way to read both books, then get a price break getting personalized advice talking directly with me in counseling or coaching sessions over the phone. I love advising clients and hope you’ll take advantage of this special to read my books and work with me.

Copyright 2015 Melissa Diane Smith

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