Tucson Naturopathic Doctor Speaks Out Against Monsanto

deeann-saberBelow is a letter that Dr. DeeAnn Saber wrote to John Moffat of Pima County Economic Development regarding Monsanto’s purchase of land in Pima County and its proposed plans to build a facility here. She wanted the letter to be shared with the public.

Dear Mr. Moffat,

I have attempted to call numerous times but apparently no one is willing or able to answer your phones. I am writing therefore in regards to the decision the Board has made to let Monsanto into our area.

They were just on trial at The Hague, an internationally recognized institution, for crimes against humanity due to the poisonous nature of their products.

Why anyone would think the growing of genetically modified food is a good idea is unbelievable to me. Their food and pesticides, especially RoundUp, are endocrine disruptors which means your hormones are screwed up, more people are infertile, your children and your animals, and you will have nervous system disorders. These things have been proven. And all the claims they have made regarding increased-yields etc. has totally been shown to be bogus at this point.

For you to consider working with them makes me see that poisoning our city and our county is OK with your board. This is completely wrong and unacceptable. I ask that you take the land back and kick them out of Arizona.

Thank you,

Dr. DeeAnn Saber, NMD

Transformational Medicine PLLC

3861 North First Avenue

Tucson, AZ 85719

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