Special Talk about the Future of Pima County’s Food & Environment April 29

by Melissa Diane Smith

My next presentation is “The Future of Pima County’s Food and Environment” this Saturday, April 29, at 2 pm at the Wheeler Taft Abbett Sr. Library, 7800 N. Schisler Drive (just west of I-10). This special event will be the first educational event to take place in Marana about the major food and environmental issues facing Marana, Avra Valley, and Tucson, Arizona: genetically modified foods; pesticides; and Monsanto.

A lot of news has come out about Monsanto and its weed killer Roundup at such a dizzying pace this year that you may not have been able to keep track of all the information. My presentation this Saturday will help get you up to speed. In addition, if you are new to the topics of GMOs and pesticides or simply need to know more than you currently know, this event may help fill in the gaps in your knowledge. As a health journalist, holistic nutritionist, and author of Going Against GMOs, I will give an in-depth, yet easy-to-understand presentation that covers the most important information you need to know.

There also will be a short talk by Albert Lannon, the founder of the Avra Valley Coalition, on the health effects some people experienced from pesticide spraying in Pima County. That’s followed by the must-see, 30-minute film, “Molokai Mom,” which covers Hawaii’s experience with Monsanto and how Hawaiians mobilized their community. A post-film discussion and the opportunity to sample tasty organic snacks concludes the event. See the Facebook event page about this event for more info.

This will be the first of several events I will be doing every Saturday over the next month. Our group, the Toxin-Free Pima County Coalition, and GMO Free Arizona will be teaming up with the Pima County Library, the Pima County Library Seed Library, and Food Conspiracy Co-op for a Future of Food movie series in May. I will be at each event to answer questions. Stay tuned for more details about the movies in the near future.

Copyright 2017 Melissa Diane Smith

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