One of My Clients Saved Thousands
of Dollars in Medical Costs Last Year

by Melissa Diane Smith

I covered my client Marcia’s dramatic changes in her health after going grain free and avoiding genetically modified foods last year in Nutrition News & Notes. I knew Marcia had wide-ranging improvements across the board in her health but I didn’t think much about how much money she was saving by not needing to see doctors nearly as much as she previously did before working with me. Recently during a coaching session over the phone, Marcia told me that she saved more than $7,000 last year in medical expenses, and together with her husband with whom I also work, they saved $12,000 in medical expenses last year!

Here’s a quick testimonial from her:

I have been working with Melissa for about 1½ years now and I feel great and my health has improved tremendously. One of the unexpected benefits for me is being able to cut my health care expenses by 50% and my dental expense by 75% during the past year. I guess I never thought about how much being sick cost me. I am hoping to see an even greater savings in healthcare expenses this coming year. Working with Melissa is a far better investment for me and the cost is outweighed by the savings in healthcare costs.

Want to save money in the long run like Marcia and her husband did? If so – if you want to make a small investment in your health now so you can overcome illness and save money with lower medical bills in the future – sign up for a coaching program or counseling package with me to learn how to eat for long-term good health. The human body is meant to thrive and be healthy. We just have to give it the right ingredients to help it do its job. This year instead of going from doctor to doctor for numerous health complaints and spending thousands of dollars on drugs, try focusing on the food you eat and see if it just doesn’t make the huge difference, both in your health and financially, that it has for Marcia, her husband, and numerous other clients of mine.

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